Mini Excavator Rentals Kelowna UMoveItTrailer Rentals is known far and wide for their affordable trailers but did you know they are also the locals’ choice for mini excavator rentals in the Kelowna area? If you need to rent a mini excavator, you simply will not find better prices in the region. Consider UMoveIt’s 303.5E Excavator with free delivery in multiple day rentals.

Take advantage of mini excavator rentals in Kelowna at $125 for a half day or $195 for a full day. Weekly rates are just $900 or rent for the full month for $3,000. Specs on the menu excavator are as follows:

- Engine: CatC1.7 23.5 hp
- Operating weight 8209.0 lb
- Overall width 5’8”
- Dig depth 10.4’
- Blade dig depth 19’
- Ground pressure 4.6 psi
- With variable buckets available

You’ll love the comfortable working environment of the mini excavator; its spacious and comfortable operator station offers exceptional visibility with plenty of legroom to ensure that the operator is comfortable, all designed to reduce fatigue and make working as pleasant as possible. The mini excavator comes standard with the following features:

- Reclining suspension seat with adjustable wrist rests.
- Pilot operated controls on all services including travel levers and dozer functions.
- Two post canopy design for better visibility to the work area.
- A pattern control changer (not available in all regions) is accessible from the cab to switch between excavator and backhoe style controls.
- Ample storage space under the seat that can be locked for added security.

Reserve your mini excavator with an optional enclosed cab for protection or for a greater level of comfort. UMoveIt offers mini excavator rentals in their Kelowna location with enclosed cabs that feature all of the following:

- Your sealed cab will offer optional heat and air conditioning to ensure that you stay comfortable in all conditions you are working in.
- An easy radio installation access with speakers.
- Lower front window is removable and sliding windows make visibility exceptional.
- Front window slides easily with gas-assist.
- You’ll find the sliding door system reduces the risk of damage by maintaining the excavator’s compact dimensions while offering good access.

New innovation allows joystick control over the boom swing and auxiliary hydraulic functions that are conveniently located and provide smooth, easy operation. Joystick mounted controls eliminate the need for foot pedals, allowing more floor space for the operator’s feet. When the safety lockout bar is in the up position, all of the controls are locked out while starting the machine for superior safety.

You’ll experience a great level of peace of mind with mini excavator rentals from UMoveIt in Kelowna due to their compass display panel that features an anti-theft security system and economy mode that will allow you to save up to 20% on fuel while maintaining high productivity.

Find out more about affordable mini excavator rentals by contacting UMoveIt at 800-462-9958. Feel free to visit online at for more information on equipment rentals, prices, and more. Book your mini excavator online with their new Quick Book form. Mini Excavator Rentals Kelowna
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