The RENTER shall keep and maintain the rented equipment during the terms of the rental at his own cost and expense. They shall keep the equipment in a good state of repair, normal wear and tear excepted.The RENTER shall pay the OWNER full compensation for replacement cost and/or repair of any equipment which is returned damaged and in need of repair to put it back to pre-rental condition, or not returned because it is lost or stolen, as well as the daily rental fee associated with the rental equipment. The OWNER’s invoice for replacement or repair is conclusive as to the amount the RENTER shall be liable for under the terms of this contract.

The RENTER shall not move the equipment from the address of the RENTER or the location shown herein as the place of use without the prior written approval of the OWNER. The RENTER shall inform the OWNER upon demand of the exact location of the equipment while it is in the RENTER’s possession.The equipment shall be delivered to the RENTER and returned to the OWNER at the RENTER’s risk, cost and expense. Rental charges are billed to the RENTER for the full term of the agreement even if the equipment is returned before the end of the rental term. If the equipment is not returned at the end of the rental term. Then the rental charges shall continue until the equipment is returned.No allowance will be made for any rented equipment or portion thereof which is clamed not to have been used. Acceptance of returned rental equipment by the OWNER does not constitute a waiver of any of the rights the OWNER has under the terms of this rental agreement.The rental equipment shall not be used by anyone not specifically named in the agreement. By anyone whose ability to operate the equipment is impaired by alcohol, drugs or fatigue. In any contest. In violation of any law.The RENTER shall allow the OWNER to enter the RENTER’s premises where the rented equipment is stored or used at all reasonable times to locate and inspect the state and condition of the rented equipment. If the RENTER is in default of any of the terms and conditions of this agreement, the OWNER and his agents, at the RENTERS risk, cost and expense may at any time enter the RENTER’s premises where the rented equipment is stored or used and recover the rented equipment.The RENTER shall not pledge or encumber the rented equipment in any way.

The OWNER may terminate this agreement immediately upon the failure of the RENTER to make rental payments when due, or upon RENTER’s filing for protection from creditors.Any additional licences or permits required by the Provincial authorities are the responsibility of the RENTER.It is the responsibility of the RENTER to know the proper operation of the rental equipment.The RENTER shall report any accident or theft involving the rental equipment to the police and shall complete a written report to the OWNER or it’s agents as soon as possible.The RENTER indemnifies and hold the OWNER harmless for all injuries to self or other persons, as well as damage of any kind caused by, or that occurs while the rental equipment is in the possession of the RENTER.By signing this you give Canadian 4×4 the right to charge your credit card for the rental, damage deposit and any damages that may occur during the time you have the rental equipment. You also agree to all terms and conditions listed on this agreement for the rental term and any extended rentals not dated on this contract.