Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you deliver and setup the rental RV?

Yes we can deliver your rental holiday trailer to the approved campsite of your choice. There will be a delivery/setup fee charged, this fee is determined by the distance from either Vernon or Salmon Arm.

2. Can I tow the rental RV myself?

truck pulling rental rv

Yes we do allow some of our rental holiday trailers to be towed, you must be at least 25 years old, hold a valid drivers licence, have trailer towing experience and a tow vehicle rated for the trailer weight. Typically a trailer will weigh between 3000lbs (20 foot rental RV) up to 10,000 plus pounds. A good rule of thumb for your tongue weight is 10% of the trailers total weight. We recommend a weight distribution hitch for ALL rental holiday trailers with a 2 5/16th ball rated for the trailer weight as well you will require a trailer brake controller in the tow vehicle. There is also a one hour orientation, whereas we will go over the set up and tear down of your rental trailer at a cost of $75.00. Towing over gravel or rough roads is strictly prohibited, other than the entrance, no more than 1km, to the campground.

3. Do I pay kilometer charges when towing my own rental RV?

There may be km charges if going outside the Okanagan / Shuswap area, please call for details.

4. Are your rental RV’s pet friendly?

pet friendly rv rentals

Yes depending on the breed and age of your pet we can make exceptions to our NO Pet policy. If we agree, in writing, to allow your pet on board there will be an additional cost of $20 per day and there may be an additional cleaning fee and this will be the sole decision of UMI Trailer Rentals.

5. What if I don’t want to clean the Rental RV?

No problem.  If you make prior arrangements to not clean your rental holiday trailer then we are prepared for that and the cleaning charge will be $50 minimum to a max of $100 depending on carpets.  If you do not make prior arrangements for not cleaning the minimum charge will be $100.  To avoid cleaning charges please insure the rental RV is in the same condition as you received it.

6. Are the rental RV’s insured?

Yes all the units are 100% insured and in case of major damage the deductible is $500.00 which the renter would have to pay.

7. What areas do you service?

We service the entire Okanagan Valley and Shuswap, which includes Vernon, Salmon Arm, Armstrong, Kelowna, Enderby, Penticton, Scotch Creek and all points in-between. Delivery charges will vary depending on location.

8. What is supplied in the RV Rental unit?

All holiday rental trailers are fully stocked except for bedding, bath supplies, food and beverages.  For a complete list of what the rental RV has,  please download the inventory list for your holiday trailer or contacts us.

9. Do all holiday rental trailers come with AC?

Yes all rented trailers come with AC, but keep in mind that your site needs either 30 amp service or you will need an RV generator with enough amperage to run the AC unit.  AC units should not be run continuously especially if they are not shaded as they will freeze up.

10. Do all rental RV’s come with furnaces for heat and AC?

All our rental RV’s come with heat and AC, but keep in mind that if you are not hooked up to power, the furnace will drain the battery quickly so we do recommend an extra battery in the cooler shoulder seasons. As well our AC Units require a 30 amp service, they will NOT run on batteries. Some may run on a clean 20 amp service but this is not recommended as damage to the unit can occur if the voltage is less than 108 volts. You will also have to shut off everything else that you may be using power for such as fridges and hot water tanks as an AC unit typically draws 12-14 amps and a fridge alone on electric will draw 9 amps for a total of 21-23 amps. We will not guarantee the AC will work with less than 30 amp service.

11. Does the rental RV come with a battery?

Your Rental RV will come with a fully charged battery, but if you are dry camping we recommend a generator and a maybe a spare battery, you must remember that an RV battery is no different from a car battery, so it will drain in a short period if you are leaving non LED lights on or running the stereo for any length of time.

12. Is there a cleaning fee for the septic system?

Yes there is a $35 charge for cleaning out the septic tank….sorry but its a nasty job!

13. Will you be at the camping site when we arrive?

One of our representatives will be on site when you arrive to go over the operation of the rental RV and the damage report. The only time we would not be on site, is if you are a repeat client and are confident with the operation of an RV and in this case a wavier would be needed and a completed damage list will be left in the rental RV for you.

14. What time do we have to check in?

late arrival

Your check in time will be determined ahead of your arrival. It is very important that you are on time. If you are more than 30 minutes late there may be late check in fees of $100 and we may not be able to return to check you in for several hours.

15. When do I have to check out?

Check out time will be pre-determined before your arrival, as a rule the latest would be 10 am unless other arrangements have been made. If you are late checking out there will be a late checkout fee of $100 per hour.

16. What happens if the rental RV I booked is in an accident or is damaged before my arrival?

In the VERY RARE instants when a holiday trailer is damaged and is not rent-able, we will switch you to a comparable rental RV, if we do not have one available we will refund your entire rental including any deposits. As stated this is VERY RARE.

17. What happens if we can’t come, do we lose all our money?

If you are unable to make your trip, we will try and re book your rental RV, if we are able to re book for the same time period that you have the holiday trailer booked for we will refund your rental fees less your booking deposit. If we are not able to re book the holiday trailer we will not be able to refund your payments, we will then try and work with you to re book your holiday for another time up to 1 year from your original booking. We also offer trip cancellation insurance, for more details please ask your booking agent.

18. Are there additional fees?

Yes, depending on the type of rental and duration (U-Tow or delivery) there are extra fees, such as $65 prep fee, which includes propane, paper products, cleaning supplies and holding tank deodorizer. $35 holding tank clean out if not at a site with septic hookup. Delivery fees will apply if we are delivering and there is a kilometer charge for U-Tows which needs to be determined before we can confirm your rental at $.10 per kilometer. There is also insurance and orientation fees for U-Tows depending on your experience, typically these are $75 for insurance and $75 for orientation. Also with U-Tows you will need a hitch rated for the truck and trailer

Insurance: UMI Trailer Rentals cargo and utility provides limited coverage in the form of third party liability and you understand that this is excess or secondary to your insurance coverage. You the customer assumes sole responsibility for any and all liability that exceeds the applicable minimum limits of protection for that province. RV’s are covered with full insurance and a fee of $75.00 will apply to ALL U-TOW RV’s.
Many insurers have add on policies such as Roadstar which covers rented tow vehicles.


Once you have booked and paid for your rental Cargo or Utility trailer and you need to cancel you will be given a credit for future rentals only. All charges for utility and cargo trailers are charged to your credit card at time of booking. See FAQ #17 for more information.

20. Mechanical Failures

We strive to make sure all equipment in the RV’s is operational and working properly, but from time to time problems will occur.  If a problem does present itself we will try our best to either talk you through the issue or we will dispatch a company rep to see if it can be fixed if it is determined that we may be able to rectify the problem. We do not discount the rental for unforeseen problems.

For more information please contact us @ or call us @ 1800.462.9958